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Call for Presentations
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If you want to shape the course of legal education, the Maine State Bar Association (MSBA) is looking for you. 

The MSBA’s Continuing Legal Education Committee offers educational programs throughout the state on a variety of legal topics. Each year, its programs expand to meet the needs of our membership. The Continuing Legal Education Committee works continuously to enhance the quality and diversity of its programs. 

You are invited to submit programming ideas for live CLE seminars. Our members are our greatest resource. You can share your expertise and practice advice with other members of the Maine bar by submitting your presentation ideas. You are encouraged to invite other MSBA members to serve as faculty for your program. Serving as faculty or as program chair is one of the benefits of being an MSBA member, and other members benefit from your skills as well. The core of our CLE programs is provided from within our membership. 

Speaker Qualifications: 

You do not need to be a professional educator. As faculty for an MSBA legal education seminar, you only need to be willing and able to share your legal knowledge or experience with your professional colleagues. Good educators recognize that the adult learner is eager to enhance his or her skills, and they are willing to share their knowledge based on their experience in their areas of practice. 

Presentation Criteria: 

Keys to a successful presentation include a clear set of learning objectives, practical applications of the knowledge shared, an engaging presentation that encourages audience participation, and preparation of a well-referenced handbook. MSBA staff will work with selected speakers to refine presentations, including providing program planning guidelines and guidelines for reference material. All speakers must submit a written paper to supplement their presentations. Written course materials provide an added value for attendees and enhance the benefit of attending an MSBA CLE program. Details for submission of text are coordinated between the faculty, the program chairperson and MSBA staff. 

Evaluation and Consideration Process: 

Proposals are evaluated using the following criteria: 

1. Relevance to MSBA members
2. Well-defined focus
3. Practical applications of the law 

The Committee will also consider: established programs that are presented on a regular basis (e.g., Legal Year in Review); programs that cover areas of law not previously presented (e.g., veterans’ law); programs that deal with a major change in the law (e.g., GALs and Drafting POAs) and programs that cover rapidly growing practice areas of law (e.g., elder law). 

If your proposal is selected, we will contact you to discuss program details. Proposals not selected shall be added to the MSBA faculty database and may be considered for a future program. 

Submission Format 

Submissions should be typewritten and submitted using the proposal form.

For more information, call Linda M. Morin-Pasco at 207-622-7554 or 1-877-622-7554. You can also fax your program suggestions to 207-623-0083 or email to

Maine Bar Association 124 State St. Augusta, ME 04330