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Casemaker is a comprehensive online legal research library exclusively for MSBA members, which now includes new premium services, making Casemaker worth more than $950 per year! The premium services include:

Casecheck+:  Like Shephard's and KeyCite, Casecheck+ notifies you of negative treatment, identifying whether your case law citations are still good law. Casecheck+ returns both positive and negative treatments.
CiteCheck:  CiteCheck analyzes every citation in your brief (or your opponent's) and returns a report of good law, negative treatments, and potential citation format errors.
Casemaker Digest:  Casemaker Digest is a daily summary of the latest state and federal appellate decisions (within 12-24 hours of publication) classified by practice area.
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Mobile Apps: Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Click "Mobile Application" in the lefthand column of the Casemaker homepage.

What our members say about Casemaker

"As a small specialty firm, we find the cost of the well-known online legal databases to be prohibitive. Casemaker has proved to be a very reliable and user-friendly alternative for us and we are grateful that it is provided to members of the Maine Bar Association at no cost. The libraries available on Casemaker have consistently provided us with all of the research support we require for our small general practice here in Maine and covers both state and federal courts decisions."

Mary A. Denison
Lake & Denison, LLP

"Casemaker is an invaluable MSBA member benefit. Over the years it has saved me and my clients thousands of dollars in legal research expenses while meeting our research needs. I encourage all members who are concerned about their expenses to take advantage of this valuable member benefit."

David Levesque, Esq.
Law Office of David Levesque, P.A.