ABA Statement of Standards & Rules

The Right Call for the Right Lawyer is the slogan trademarked by the American Bar Association (ABA) for use by lawyer referral services meeting the ABA’s standards of professional experience criteria, accountability, and public service. The Lawyer Referral Service of the Maine State Bar Association is one of fewer than 70 referral services nationwide authorized to use this slogan and the ABA seal of approval.

As an impartial not-for-profit professional and public service, the Lawyer Referral Service is, more clearly now than ever, the most effective access point for members of the public looking for assistance with legal issues.

Use of the ABA Lawyer Referral and Information Service logo indicates that this lawyer referral program has been reviewed by the ABA and meets the specific public service standards established by the ABA.

ABA approved lawyer referral programs:

  • Agree to establish and maintain objective experience criteria for their panel attorneys,
  • Provide a mechanism for client feedback and resolving client complaints
  • Do not limit the number of attorneys who may join the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, provided that they meet the objective requirements for panel membership,
  • Require and verify that all panel attorneys carry legal malpractice insurance.

Use of the logo indicates that this program meets ABA standards for lawyer referral services. The ABA does not review the qualifications of the individual lawyers who participate in the service. For more details on the ABA standards, visit apps.americanbar.org/legalservices/lris/meetsabastds.html.