Mission Statement

Lawyer Referral Service When You Need Help Finding A Lawyer… A program of the Maine State Bar Association

The mission of the Lawyer Referral Service is to refer people to qualified attorneys who will provide an initial brief consultation free of charge to LRS-referred potential clients. In order to fulfill this mission, the service embraces attendant responsibilities toward both callers and attorneys. These responsibilities include:

  • helping callers ascertain if referral to an attorney is the most appropriate action at the time;
  • providing callers, whenever possible, with appropriate legal information and suggestions of information resources;
  • directing callers of limited means to other sources of assistance and support;
  • ensuring that all referrals understand that the attorneys will charge reasonable fees for any work that exceeds the initial first one-half hour consultation; and
  • notifying attorneys of referrals made to them, with information regarding the issues as presented.

The Lawyer Referral Service is further committed to performing so as to nurture the respect with which the Maine State Bar Association is held both by the legal community, and the general public; and to working in cooperation with other legal entities to increase access to justice for the people of Maine.