Eight Reasons To Call An Attorney

If You Even Think You Have A Legal Issue!

What if...

  • You got rear-ended and the insur­ance company sent a check for not nearly enough to repair the car.
  • Your father died leaving an envi­ronmental nightmare at his metal plating business, and you are his heir.
  • ​Your sister wants you to tap your 401(k) and lend her the money for her new restaurant, Bunny’s Bistro.

You ask yourself, “Should I talk to a lawyer about this?” You’re afraid of what you might hear, and you’re worried about the cost. Don't talk to yourself, talk to a lawyer! 

Consulting with a lawyer sooner, rather than later, could actually help you save money, minimize stress, and limit the time you spend dealing with a potential legal issue. Here’s why.

1. Finding the right kind of lawyer can take time.

The first lawyer you visit may not practice the kind of law you need. You may need to visit several before you even learn whether you need to hire an attorney.

2. Some people you click with, and some you don’t.

Find a lawyer who is qualified and with whom you are comfortable. It may not be the first one.

3. There are serious deadlines.

The statute of limitations is only one. Insurance policies and contracts have deadlines. Missing a deadline could mean the difference between winning a case and losing big.

4. Memories fade and witnesses die.

Some peo­ple put off talking to a lawyer for years. In that time important evidence may get lost, witnesses may pass away, and memories will fade.

5. Attorneys need time to handle a case.

Some cases are simple. Many are not. Sometimes at­torneys have to refuse a case simply because the client rushed in at the last minute or they are just too busy to handle the case. Thinking and planning ahead will help you in the long run.

6. You may need time to evaluate your finances.

Finding the right lawyer is one thing; paying him is something else. Some people have re­sources they can tap right away, but most don’t. Think about how you would pay for legal ser­vices before you need them.

7. Give yourself time to think.

After consulting an attorney you may be faced with big deci­sions. Attorneys give advice, but the decisions are yours alone. Take time to think about which is the right decision for you. Talk with family or friends whose opinion you value.

8. Getting into court is not like scheduling an oil change.

The courts are extremely busy. If your case involves going to court, it could be many months or even years until trial.

The sooner you address a legal issue, the sooner it can become a non-issue.

Time is important. Don’t wait to obtain legal advice.

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